• Three meals per day from award winning chefs

• Twenty-four hour snack room

• Twenty-four hour free laundry

• High speed internet

• Fitness center

• Gaming center

• Theater room

• Full service housekeeping

Full Service Catering for any event including banquets, races and fundraisers, as well as safety meetings and staff meetings.  (Onsite Delivery Offered)




Searching for a truly comprehensive lodging company means looking for a group that takes a complete approach to both housing and catering. In other words, you want to put your trust in a company that is going to take care of every single aspect of your lodging needs.


To that end, you’ve come to the right place with Black Gold Oilfield Services. We are an oilfield housing and catering company with establishments in Williston, Odessa, and Deadhorse. We understand that as an oil worker, you want the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your care to a company that is going to have you covered in every possible way. When you compare our services to any other lodging company, you’re going to find that no one else measures up.



Williston Lodge

Odessa Lodge

Deadhorse Lodge

Come stay with us at one of our privately managed lodges in the following states:

Williston, ND  - (701) 572-2100

Odessa, TX - (432) 653-0050

Deadhorse, AK - (907) 687-3592

We are now booking through:

We are a full-service provider of turn-key workforce housing.  We coordinate every aspect of your camp, from concept design and setup, to management and catering.


We can procure and setup new or used modules in a custom design for your site.  We provide connections to all utilities as well as backup generators.




Catering Quote

Food is a high priority for working men and women. We take meals very seriously, as do our award-winning chefs. Quality ingredients, constant variety, and healthy choices make sure everyone is happy and fueled up after a long workday.

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